A Guide to Invisalign 


Being able to smile without hesitation is one of the aims of a lot of people. But having teeth misalignment prevents people from smiling their best. That's why there are solutions for that dilemma.

One of which is Invisalign, a teeth straightening aligner that's being used by close to almost three million people. Invisalign is a clear soft medical aligner made from plastic. For those who are always on the go with their busy schedules, this is the best and safest choice for you.

What about braces? Braces can induce tears to your inner lips and cheeks. Any forceful contact inside your mouth, whether mild or aggressive can produce those tears. With Invisalign, you don't have to worry about tears in your mouth. It won't even bruise you.

But really, what are the said advantages of using these aligners from invisalign orthodontist?'

While cleaning your teeth you can remove the Invisalign, but only for a short time. This is also done when you are eating a meal. To maintain the effectiveness of the straightener, you should always use it.

Due to its color and material content, invisalign is nearly undetectable. The clearness of the substance makes it hard to notice. People will only notice when they observe carefully. So, you can smile without hesitation in this case.

Invisalign do not have wires that could be harmful for your gums and the skin inside the mouth. Or can be a trouble when eating or flossing. Additionally, there is also lesser pressure and pain in the jaws than using the usual wired braces.

oShort Treatment Time
As per recommended by an orthodontist, the standard treatment time for this is one year. But depending on the fast progress of the patient, there could be added weeks into the treatment. On average, Invisalign should be worn for 20 hours in one day, for two to three weeks before replacement. 

o Custom-made
Various kinds of aligners are waiting for each age group. There are Invisalign for children, adolescents and adults when you ask for a consultation. The sets for the different replacement times are available and adjustable for the patient. 

Your treatment is charted and projected for your knowledge using a special software. You are informed with the progress of your treatment. In fact, there is a three dimensional impression of your set of teeth derived from x-rays you undertook. The software then predicts how much time it will take to finish the treatment, as well as, how much changes will happen. Specific aligners will be produced for each stage of the process. And it is based on the results of your teeth examination.

Invisalign is one of the best treatments to align your teeth. It's safe and a healthy choice for you. The transparency will help boost your confidence and the method will not harm your mouth. So, invest on Invisalign for your teeth now.

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